The Spring City Inn - Present & Past:

We, Mark & Vicki Allen, purchased the property in August of '06 and plan to restore it back to its glory days. The Spring City Inn was built in the 1880’s by a wealthy man named Jim Crisp. It also served as the Allred Hotel from 1915 through 1927. We are located at 59 North Main street in Spring City Utah right next to the almost restored “Victory Hall Theater”. The Spring City (DUP) Museum (that is across the street) still has the original Guest Register from the Hotel and it includes the names of “The Chicago Opera Co" and "The New York Opera Co", among many others who stayed here. It has a wonderful history and we hope to be able to share it with you.

Feel free to check out our renovation progress. We will update pictures from time-to-time.

Spring City has several historic places you may visit.
For more information you can watch the following video or go to the Historic Spring City site.

Additional Photos:

Compliments of the Spring City Museum we have an older photo of the Inn:

We are located next to Victory Hall Theater:

Another picture before we purchased the Inn: